Blue Kyanite Meaning and Properties

Blue Kyanite is a silicate mineral formed under extreme pressure. It's name is derived from the Greek word kyanos meaning deep blue. It is one of only two stones in the world that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, meaning that it never has to be cleansed. It doesn't absorb negative energy, it dispels it.

Kyanite helps restore harmony by providing balance of yin yang energy within the body.  It breaks down energy blockages within your body and mind, allowing energy to flow freely and smoothly - restoring balance and fostering internal calmness. 

In your personal life, kyanite acts as a mediator for harmony and communication.  If you are struggling in a relationship, kyanite helps bridge communication gaps and inspire loyalty.  It can help you successfully overcome negative forces or people.  Specifically, blue kyanite opens the throat chakra, allowing authentic self expression and communication.  It's a great stone for public speakers, performers, or anyone who needs to genuinely and authentically express themselves through communication.

More often than not, when I have a customer come into my booth at a craft market, they bee-line for the crystal that's calling them.  A few months ago a woman came into my booth and was immediately drawn to a Blue Kyanite pendant with a tiny amethyst point attached. She kept touching the necklace, walked away to shop at other booths, and eventually came back to purchase it. After we talked about the properties of blue kyanite, it made sense why she was drawn to that specific stone.  She was in the middle of a terrible divorce. She needed open communication.  She needed balance restored. She needed to dispel negative blockages within her body to restore a harmonious movement of energy.

The point is: listen to your body and follow your intuition.  If you are attracted to a crystal, you most likely need that energy in your life.  After it has served it's purpose, you will know and find yourself attracted other energies.  Let energy guide you. 

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