How to measure your wrist size

Most of the leather bracelets I sell use magnetic or connector clasps, meaning they are supposed to fit perfectly and are not adjustable.  If you like the style of these bracelets but you're not sure what size to purchase there is a simple way to measure your wrist at home.


1. Find a piece of string. This can be a shoestring, yarn, piece of fabric.

2. Wrap the string around your wrist. Leave a little bit of room when measuring if you like some wiggle room with your bracelets. 

3. Mark where the strings meet. You can also cut the string.

4. Measure the length of the string using a ruler or measuring tape.


The average wrist size for females is 7"

  • Extra small or petite women typically have 5.5-6" wrist
  • Small wrists typically measure 6-7"
  • Medium wrists typically measure 7-8"
  • Large wrists typically measure 8-8.5"




The average wrist size for men is 8"

Again, this is the average. Most of the men that purchase a bracelet from me measure 7.5"


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